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The land on which our present structure stands, was  given by a Black man named Gilbert Carmack. Many of his descendants are faithful and loyal members of our church today. He started out with one room and a handful of members. As one was taken into the Church, he/she was taken to the river and baptized. This was during the days when cars were few. He walked and changed clothes in a barn and baptizing was in a place called "Wells Bottom"

They had not a Church Bell, the people were called to Church by a trumpet, being blown by Gilbert Carmack..

I know that we cannot live in the past, neither can we go back in time, but t here are a lot of things that we love to  remember.

From these humble beginnings Hasson Street Christian Church has grown into one of the leading predominately black Churches in our community

The Church was remodeled first in 1931. Down through the years various improvements have been made, including the additions of the basement and kitchen area where many delicious meals have been served. Since  then, our membership has continued to grow. We now have the largest Sunday School participation among the other predominately black Churches in Rogersville.

As our membership grew, there was need of additional expansion. The Trustees and interested members began work toward this goal. In 1984, we started a building renovation project, which today has been completed. Through the loyal support of friends and members, we were able to "burn the mortgage" in April 1988. On October 4,1990 we had a Dedication Service to dedicate the new and rededicate the old

We have been very blessed with the leadership God had given to our congregation. Some of our past pulpit leaders were:

Elder D.W. Bradley of Rogersville, Tn

Pastored at Hasson Street for many years. Upon his death we were fortunate to have some yound white ministers to come from Johnson - Bible College, thereby enabling us to keep the doors of our Church open.

Elder Gentry Fitzgerald of Jonesboro, Tn

He was our "faithful" Pastor for 40 years and was like the mailman: "come rain or snow or whatever", he was in pulpit every Sunday. After his death many faith men and women filled our pulpit until God sent us a new minister

On July 17,1996 Rev. Terry Schofield of Knoxville, Tn began serving our congregation. He was Pastor at Hasson Street for 5 years. His desire to do God's work moved him and his family to Denver, Co. where he is affiliated with the Promise Keepers.

The year between August 2001 - 2002 was a trying time for our congregation. We prayed continously for God to send us a new Pastor. During the interim, our congregation was again blessed to have many faithful men and women to fill our pulpit. Elder Mary Fugate, Minister Roy Charles and Deacon Robert Pope are just a few of the dedicated people who gave their time to provide leadership to our congregation.

Our prayers were answered in August 2002 When Minister LaMarco Cable received the call from God to move from Memphis, Tennessee and come to serve at Hasson Street.

January 15,2006 Minister Roy Charles was elected to be the Pastor of Hasson Street Christian Church.